Dear friends and supporters,

The time has come to close the shop. Business has not been as usual for the last 12-16 months. I was losing money, even after firing all my employees. I have always enjoyed making sandwiches. But i enjoyed the customers the most. Sometimes work was hard and the pay lousy, but once in a while a beautiful woman, or a crazy story would warm my heart. The competitions were set up and meant in the same way. But as you have been able to see, last year or so, the website and competitions were neglected. Life was hard.

I have made a decision though. And those moments provide clarity. (never mind the outcome). I will leave Paris. I will leave you. At some point the hosting will run out. We will not return. Hopefully some spam-site will take over our spot and slowly erase our doings.

Stuff you send to us will be transfered to Flickr. The video will stay on Youtube. We will stay on linkedin. We will stay on facebook. But do not expect regular updates.

I have made a decision. I will be going to Asia. Maybe you  ‘ll meet me in some thai village, cooking. But somehow i think nobody will find me.

We had fun. I hope you had it too.

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This year will be the 5th “aniversary” of the tragic death of our inspirator Alberto Accorsi. We are looking / thinking about ideas to commemorate him in a fitting way.


“Toutes les créations d’un dieu peuvent être employées en sandwich”
- Alberto Accorsi

On 12/12/2006 the charismatic owner of the first and most famous 24/7 Sandwichshop died in his own shop. It was a tragic end to an eventful life.

An obituary.

Alberto knew what he wanted to become at the age of 10. After seeing the construction of the neighbouring building from his bedroom window he was hooked. He wanted to become an architect. Unfortunatly, as he put it, God had different plans. Alberto wasn’t even allowed to finish high school. He was forced to work in the family bakery after his grandpa was injured in an accident. It was hard work, getting up early, kneeding, baking all day.
When Alberto was 20 he wanted out and started planning his ‘great escape’. He wanted to stop working in the bakery, go far way, study, and finally work in the occupation that was his first love: Architecture. In february he got a chance. A french tourist came to buy a loaf of bread and stayed two weeks for carpet cleaning houston. When she had to go back to France he followed her. They settled in Paris. To make ends meet they both had to work. She as a shop assistant, he took a temporary job in a bakery -the only trade he knew-. They married and Alberto got an opportunity to buy the bakery. He did. Slowly he started changing the products and modernizing the bakery. Soon he had to hire extra staff. Then disaster struck again. His wife ran away with his best employee, a frenchman named Guy. He would never hire any french staff again. He started hiring architecture students or even architects that wanted a break from their busy lives. They stayed on for a couple of months and shared their knowledge with Alberto. He returned the favour with a lot of advice on life. The employees saw him more as a father figure then as a boss. Some even returned to their hometowns to start their own sandwichshops.
During an especially stressful week, involving the possible return of his wife and lots of big orders he collapsed on the shop’s floor. His last words: ‘I don’t feel too well; Jean Claude can you finish the tuna sandwich?’

He is truly and deeply missed.

-Jean Claude Hausman


after a freak accident involving icecream, a pogo stick and some coffeefilters the website was killed. Currently i am busy finding all the bits and pieces again. (dispersed among many harddisks and various versions of the site).

No backups found :-( ; Is it necessary to upload all of your stuff again?

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The winner of our FOOD FOR THOUGHT competition (2009) has branched out.  Miloš Milivojević and Marko Sovilj have created their own fashion brand.Go check it out; follow the links below!

MIMIMASO on Facebook:!/pages/MIMIMASO/125173667513080

MIMIMASO on internet:

MIMIMASO lookbook is also viewable on MUST

Conditions Magazine Competion Entry

We made a entry in the Conditions Magazine Competition on the future of competitions! The result will be made public soon. Hope  we win so we can organize some new stuff for you!

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New in our shop are tshirts with this print in Glittery Gold. Available in Kids, Women and Male shirts. Prize (ex. shipping) is 14,90  euro and one euro of that is used to support an olive tree planting program in Palestine.

Order in Europe via Spreadshirt

Order in America -and rest of world-  via Spreadshirt USA

Analysis of results

Below you can see the score sheet of the Crisis What Crisis competition. I devised a very simple system beforehand. I translated your top 5 into points and all the entries you didn’t choose in your top 5 were given 7 points. As you can see we had a clear winner.

For now: Congratulations to the top 5 winners in the Crisis What Crisis Competition.


Not all of the participants in the competition returned the judging forms as you can see. And almost all that did voted for their own entry in the competition. That was a bit dissapointing but understandable.  As you can see this weighted system of voting has its drawbacks. Since all voters voted themselves first, the one with the most second places wins. And as we can see Ludens had the most first (actually second) places. four in total. And just 3 out of 10 jurymembers didn’t include Ludens in their top 5.

Anyway this wraps things up for this competition. We will be thinking about a new one soon. All ideas and support are welcome.

Tim & Didier

1st place – Ludens-in-crisis – Ivan Hernandez Quintela


Congrats with your first prize.!!

2nd place – SeiWooo – Mannisi Alban


3rd place – Crisis4sandwichshop – Adrião Resende

I decide to write “TRUST YOUR MONEY TO PROFESSIONALS” in Portuguese, in mattresses after passing for them on the streets next to garbage dumpsters. With the banks providing no trust than ever, are they the real professionals? Theres a lot of old people in Portugal, so theres a lot a money in matresses. Are they the ones right, leaving there savings under it? I don’t know but if matresses could speak, i think they would say “trust me”.